Changing Your VFD Bank Account PIN




  • Sanni Ayomide

    What of when u don't know your old pin anymore

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  • IT Support Admin

    Hi Sanni, then you can simply contact us, we will verify you forst and then help you get a new pin. On the login screen simply push the button that looks like a phone (during working hours) and we will help you immediately!

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  • Esiemokumor Adam fullpower

    I want to open an v bank account

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  • mubarak tayo

    I dont know my old pin and the app is saying device changed but i am still on the same phone. It also ask a question

    " Do you want to link your account to this device? but the pin i put seems wrong please i need my old pin

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  • Gladys Femi

    I don't know my old pin

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  • Edikan Etop

    What if you can't even remember your username again because you've been logging in with fingerprint

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